Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our homestudy is finalized, approved, and in hand!!!  We are approved for a boy 2-6 years old.  We originally were thinking 2-4 years old, but it is advised that you get approved for a wider age range just in case.  Our initial plan was for a toddler, but I have been reminded lately (through a bible sutdy at church about Jonah) that our plan is not always His plan.  We are not on the official list yet, but it should be soon and very soon.  We faxed our dossier to our agency for approval before sending it off to be authenticated.  All of our papers in our dossier had to be notarized individually, and authenticating is when we send it to the capital of Texas to notarize (authenticate) that those notaries are actually notaries.  This is one reason why people call the dossier the "paper chase".  After it is authenticated we will send it to D.C. to be translated and something else, I just can't remember right now.

In the mean time, we will be sending off our i600a application to USCIS.  This is to get permission from the U.S. government to adopt a child from another country and bring them here.  Shortly after sending in the i600a we will go get FBI fingerprints and then a few weeks later receive our approval in the form of an i-171h.


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